Nellie Melba Farewell, London     (Eklipse 4)
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Nellie Melba Farewell, London     (Eklipse 4)
V0248. NELLIE MELBA: Melba’s Covent Garden Farewell, 8 June, 1926 - Excerpts from Otello and La Boheme, w.Bellezza Cond.Royal Opera House Ensemble. (England) Eklipse 4. Long out-of-print, final copy! - 5019148641339


"There is one quality which [Melba's voice] had and which may be comprehended even by those who did not hear her; it had splendor. The tones glowed with a starlike brilliance. They flamed with a white flame. And they possessed a remarkable force which the famous singer always used with continence."

- W.J. Henderson, THE ART OF SINGING