Rosa Ponselle, Vol. I    -    Chesterfield     (2-Marston 52012)
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Rosa Ponselle, Vol. I    -    Chesterfield     (2-Marston 52012)
V0269. ROSA PONSELLE on the Air, Vol. I, The Chesterfield Broadcasts, 1934 - 1936. 2-Marston 52012. Transfers by Ward Marston. Very Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 638335201221


"On the subject of her studio recordings, opera legend Rosa Ponselle thought that none, except for a few songs, really reflected the way she sang. 'If you want to hear what I truly sounded like', Ponselle told writer John Ardoin, 'listen to my radio broadcasts. Between April 1934 and April 1936 Chesterfield sponsored Ponselle in a regular series of mini-concerts on the air, all conducted by Andre Kostelanetz. The first ten are reissued here complete for the first time. In some ways, one can understand Ponselle's attitude. The microphone placement captures her sonority as it projects and congeals in a hall, which was never the case in the very different recording studio (as opposed to broadcast studio) environment. And what a sound it is! There's virtually no break in the voice. Every register is as evenly regulated as telephone rates used to be. Top and bottom extremes lack nothing in color or richness of expression. Add her musicianship, taste, and effortless, understandable diction, and you've got one of the 20th century's five greatest singers (some might say she WAS the five greatest singers!)'."

- Jed Distler,

"Imagine Rostropovich playing with a circular bow on one string covering Ponselle's full compass, and there you have Rosa's legato. On top of this she had words and specific emotions to express, which she did without ever producing a sound that was not in itself musical, beautiful and meaningful....She was the supreme alchemist who turned to the purest gold everything - except Carmen - that she touched. We shall never hear her like again."

- Walter Legge, ON AND OFF THE RECORD, p.134