Benita Valente;  Cynthia Raim   (Pantheon D10311)
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Benita Valente;  Cynthia Raim   (Pantheon D10311)
V0339. BENITA VALENTE, w.Cynthia Raim (Pf.): Lieder by Strauss & Wolf. Pantheon D10311, recorded 1985. Very long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy!


“Benita Valente has had a curious career. It has not been an unsuccessful one - her voluminous program biography easily refutes that notion. The curiosity lies in the discrepancy between her prodigious gifts and her relative lack of renown. She is as gifted a singer as we have today, worldwide. Yet for whatever reason, she is not an inescapable feature of our recordings or our operatic life.

Miss Valente is a soprano of a particular type. It is not surprising to read that she has sung Pamina in Mozart's ZAUBERFLÖTE more than 200 times, because her voice seems so perfectly suited to that role's timbral, technical and temperamental demands. That voice is a light lyric soprano with a cool nasality of timbre. All the hallmarks of bel canto technique are hers to command - the ability to sing evenly at any part of her range, loud or soft; the skill to ascend smoothly through the various registers; a complete lack of obtrusive wobble or hoarseness."

- John Rockwell, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 20 Feb., 1983