Beniamino Gigli - Victor, Vol. I       (2-Romophone 82003)
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Beniamino Gigli - Victor, Vol. I       (2-Romophone 82003)
V0383. BENIAMINO GIGLI: The Complete Victor Recordings, Vol. I, 1921 - 1925, incl. 3 Unpublished (as Victor) & one entirely Unpublished. (England) 2-Romophone 82003. Transfers by Mark Obert-Thorn. Elaborate booklet has discographic data, photos & extensive notes by William Ashbrook. Long out-of-print; Final copy! - 754238200328


“For a remarkably long period of time that spanned the second quarter of the 20th century…Beniamino Gigli was the most important Italian lyric tenor of the operatic world. Yes, there were others, notably Tito Schipa, but none with the breadth of repertoire and the career longevity of Gigli. And then there was that unique sound – melting, sweet, unlike any other….This is, without question, one of the most important and satisfying singers of the 20th century.”

- Henry Fogel, FANFARE, July/Aug., 2005

"They're very collectable, these Romophone complete editions. Up they go on the shelves, and you know that there is another small but quite important area in the history of singing on records properly covered, ready for reference at any time, and reference that will be a pleasure because the standard of transfer is so reliable."

- J. B. Steane, GRAMOPHONE, Feb., 1995