Richard Tauber, Jarmila Novotna, Carlotta Vanconti  & Vera Schwarz, w.Franz Lehar   (Pearl 9310)
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Richard Tauber, Jarmila Novotna, Carlotta Vanconti  & Vera Schwarz, w.Franz Lehar   (Pearl 9310)
V0458. RICHARD TAUBER, partially with Jarmila Novotna, Carlotta Vanconti & Vera Schwarz, w.FRANZ LEHÁR Cond.: LEHÁR Favorites (England) Pearl 9310, recorded 1926-34. Long out-of-print, Final copy! - 5015903931020


"Richard Tauber was another vocal aristocrat - although his ubiquitous monocle was apparently a device to disguise a chronic squint. This tenor never quite achieved the popularity in America that he enjoyed in Germany, Austria and England, but in Europe he was idolized - the proverbial star of stage, screen and radio. His long association with Lehár, who wrote many operettas specifically for Tauber, has somewhat obscured the incredible versatility and cultivation of this all-round musician, who was as equally adept as a composer, conductor and pianist as a singer of opera, lieder, operetta and musical comedy.

An unusual species of German tenor, Richard Tauber possessed a soft, silky timbre and a wonderfully pliable, quicksilver lyric tone that made him a peerless opera stylist in his early days, and he used these qualities to even greater advantage when he sang light music - in this respect, Tauber was surely the most elegant pop singer who ever lived. His superb legato control, tasteful portamento and ravishing soft head tones remained with him right to the end of his life.

Tauber's records number over 700 and they show him excelling in all his various capacities."

- Peter G. Davis, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 28 June, 1981

"I will only thank the recording industry for coming along when it did. There are chestnuts here that take on fresh meanings with Tauber's aristry that even more modern artists and techniques don't begin to approach. Tauber was grounded in opera & operetta. He brings the best of both to these interpetations of more popular songs. One forgets his masterful technique and hears the words. Tauber just sings the songs and the words have meaning."

- Walter Blocher