Camille Maurane;  Pierre Maillard-Verger   (XCP 5001)
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Camille Maurane;  Pierre Maillard-Verger   (XCP 5001)
V0476. CAMILLE MAURANE, w.Pierre Maillard-Verger (Pf.): Fauré Recital. (Germany) XCP 5001, w.Elaborate Brochure. Very long out-of-print, Final ever-so-slightly used Copy! - 3361540000019


“One can hear why Maurane was so admired in France. His beautiful baritone, never forced, caresses the words and the vocal line. Camille Maurane was a stalwart member of the ensemble at the Opéra-Comique in the 1940s and 1950s. His roles ranged from Marcello in LA BOHEME and Nicklausse in HOFFMANN to parts in such now forgotten works as Marcel Dellanoy's GINEVRA, Reynaldo Hahn's LE OUI DES JEUNES LILIES and Antoine Mariotte's NELE DOORYN. His greatest success was as Pelléas, which he first sang in 1949 and subsequently recorded twice - with Jean Fournet (Philips, 4/93) and for Ansermet's second version. He also participated in a French radio broadcast of the opera under Inghelbrecht in 1963.

A pupil of Claire Croiza, he was a baryton martin with a light, fluent voice. [His] obvious comparisons are with Bernac and Souzay. While he does not have the dramatic weight of the latter, nor the playful charm of the former, Maurane's singing is constantly pleasing."

- GRAMOPHONE, Dec., 1995