Gerhard Husch;  Margareta Kilpinen  -  Kilpinen Lieder    (Dutton CDBP 9741)
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Gerhard Husch;  Margareta Kilpinen  -  Kilpinen Lieder    (Dutton CDBP 9741)
V0534. GERHARD HÜSCH, w.Margareta Kilpinen (Pf.): Kilpinen Lieder, recorded 1935, London & Berlin; w.Hanns Udo-Müller Cond. Berlin Staatsoper Orch.: Fjeld Lieder, recorded 1936, Berlin (Kilpinen). (England) Dutton CDBP 9741. Transfers by Michael J. Dutton. Final Copy! - 765387974121


“In the 1930s Gerhard Hüsch (1901-1984) occupied a position among German lieder singers akin to that of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau in the 1950s and '60s. Today he's considered the exemplar of a style of singing that went out of fashion with the arrival of Fischer-Dieskau, his polar opposite. To oversimplify, Hüsch's main concern was with the music, using vocal colors, legato, and other bel canto means to convey meaning and emotions, while Fischer-Dieskau focused on the text, emphasizing words - and later, syllables - to communicate a song's message.”

-Dan Davis, Classics