The Edison Trials             (2-Marston 52025)
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The Edison Trials             (2-Marston 52025)
V0573. THE EDISON TRIALS, Voice Audition Cylinders of 1912-13 incl. Abela, Aldrich, Allix, Baracchini, Barbieri, Bevignani, Guillaume Ibos, Olga Alessandrovna Olghina, Battaglioli-Leotti, Bendinelli, Beyle, Blancard, Boccolini-Zacconi, von Skilondz, Anitua, Bonetti, Bonini, Brodersen, Brunetto, Cassani, César, Cesari, Clauzure, Cunego, Sens, Dupré, Damacco, del Lungo, Druetti, Eck, Emanuelli, Famin, Fladung, Frau, Gœtz, Henke, Hotkovska, Janni, Heilbronner, Gilly, Korb, Kosta-Marrugat, Lambert, Laute-Brun, Lopez-Nunes, Lucci, Ménard, Molina, Pucci, Maclennan, Llopart, Maguenat, Montesanto, Muratete, Navia, Ordugna, Paoli, Perya, Ponzano, Raynal, Solari, Lassalle, Ober, Fer, Roggero, Romanitza, Roselly, Schiulghina, Sorgi, Taccani, Vasseur, Weidemann, Salazar & Zizolfi. 2-Marston 52025. Transfers by H. Ward Marston. - 638335202525


“For years there were rumors of a cache of operatic cylinder trial recordings in a basement of the Edison National Historic Site. To an avid collector, this information was relative to an Egyptologist hearing of the existence of King Tut’s tomb before the actual excavation. What fascinating historic musical artifacts might have been hidden there?

At my mention of this to Ward Marston, he was as enthusiastic as I….Ward brought his equipment to the Site and transferred all of the cylinders. This was the first time these had been played since Edison himself heard them in 1912-1913.

What the trial cylinders contain are musical snippets by a host of European singers active in the 1912-13 period, some well known and others forgotten. Many of the recordings are simply of arpeggios (which are almost consistently identified as ‘scales’) and others are portions of arias or, in a few cases, songs. These were often abruptly terminated before the conclusion of the excerpt or else were begun at some spot other than the normal starting point. For reference purposes, the arias included on this CD are identified with the familiar beginning text, even if the selection is incomplete.”

- Lawrence F. Holdridge