Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2000 Issue          (VRCS 2000)
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Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2000 Issue          (VRCS 2000)
V0601. VOCAL RECORD COLLECTORS' SOCIETY - 2000 Issue, incl. Jussi Björling (Schubert’s ‘Die Allmacht’ [in English] from Live Firestone Broadcast, 15 April, 1946), Germaine Féraldy, Elsa Alsen, Mark Reizen, Bianca Scacciati, Augusto Beuf, George Meader, Paul Lantéri, Max Lipmann, Josefina Huguet, Kim Borg, Malcolm McEachern, Gwen Catley, Alexis Boyer, Niels Hansen, Albert Høeberg, Arthur Hackett, Suzanne Cesbron-Viseur, Marta Fuchs, Elsa Wieber, Rosina Torri, Fritz Schrödter, Giuseppina Cobelli & Blanche Marchesi. VRCS 2000. Transfers by Seth B. Winner


“These VRCS issues really are the Rolls-Royce of reissues. Complete discographical details are included (even down to the speeds used for each transfer), there are detailed notes on each of the 24 singers, and there are photographs of all but two of them. Seth Winner’s transfers are also uniformly excellent….I think his transfers rank alongside those of Ward Marston, Andrew Rose and Roger Beardsley….”

- Paul Steinson, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2011