The Record Collector - 2001 (TRC 17)
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The Record Collector - 2001 (TRC 17)
V0610. THE RECORD COLLECTOR - The Connoisseur Collection 2001 Issue, incl. Garcia, Lieban, Förstel, Petri, Payan, Stracciari, Urbano, Roselle, Didur (Brunswick Electric), Smithson, Kemp, Brems, Schlusnus, Vessel-Pola, Schmidt-Walter, Bernac & ben Sédira, de Svéd, Orliac, Beckmann, Carosio, Alexandrovich, Haller, Angelici & Maristany. (England) The Record Collector TRC 17. Transfers by Roger Beardsley. Final copy!


“This fascinating assembly offers an astonishing glimpse of the vocal wealth in the first half of the 20th Century. All these singers present immediately recognizable faces, highly individual interpretations, and in many cases that elusive quality, charm. The so-called Golden Age of singing was supposedly already over when most of them were in their prime, but listening to these excerpts one might be forgiven for believing they were all part of it – or of a Silver Age at the very least.”

- Vivian A. Liff, CLASSIC RECORD COLLECTOR, Autumn, 2003