Hommage a Andre Messager       (2-Cascavelle VEL 3074)
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Hommage a Andre Messager       (2-Cascavelle VEL 3074)
V0922. Hommage � Andr� Messager (La Belle �poque & Les folles ann�es vingt), incl. Edm�e Favart, Louise Dhamarys, Georgette Simon, �tienne Billot, Yoshiko Miakawa, Ninon Vallin, Leila ben Sedira, Yvonne Printemps, Miguel Villabella, Georges Thill, David Devri�s, Robert Couzinou, Andr� Baug�, Lucien Fug�re, Roger Bourdin, �mile Rousseau, Louis Arnoult, etc. (Switzerland) 2-Cascavelle VEL 3074, recorded 1925-48. - 7619930307412


"Many of these recordings come from a very good time for recorded operetta: the late 1920's and early �30s, when the new electrical equipment clearly captured artists with stylistic roots extending back to the very period when many of these works were created�.The phrasing, the diction, the sensuousness and feeling of these 78s is something hard to recapture today. In the �20s and �30s, Paris had several theatres performing operettas, new and old, and the experience of the singers in all these productions is apparent."

- Richard Traubner, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May/June, 2006