Lucia Popp;  Geoffrey Parsons   ( Arts Archives 47367)
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Lucia Popp;  Geoffrey Parsons   ( Arts Archives 47367)
V0958. LUCIA POPP, w.Geoffrey Parsons (Pf.): Songs by Brahms & Mahler. (E.U.) Arts Archives 47367, recorded 1983. Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy! - 600554736723


“This CD is a strongly affecting reminder of what was lost to the music world when Lucia Popp died of cancer in 1993. This recording was one of her last, and it captured the soprano at the height of her vocal and interpretive powers. Popp brings an ingratiating zest to the Brahms songs, certainly the light-hearted ‘Mädschenlied’, but also to the composer’s more introspective works–the poignant ‘Regenlied’ and the moving ‘In stiller Nächt’, which she performs with great depth of feeling without ever becoming dour (as many are wont to do in Brahms).

Popp’s Mahler is the highlight of this release. To hear her sing these six ‘Wunderhorn’ songs with such playfulness mixed with virtuosity is to be beguiled by this music once again. Geoffrey Parsons proves a truly collaborative accompanist as well as a probing interpreter of both composers’ music. The recording still sounds vivid and dynamic today. Popp fans no doubt are already ordering this…a ‘must-have’ for anyone who loves great singing.”

- Victor Carr Jr,, 23 Aug., 2006