Ivan Kozlovsky           (RCD 16001)
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Ivan Kozlovsky           (RCD 16001)
V0962. IVAN KOZLOVSKY: Vocalise (Rachmaninov); Arias from Demon, Boris Godounov, Dubrovsky, May Night, Snegoroutchka, Eugen Onégin, Prince Igor, etc. (Austria) RCD 16001, recorded 1947-59. Long out-of-print, final copy! - 4600383160016


"This is the first of a series, Singers of Russia, drawing upon material in the State Archive of TV and radio....the music is fascinating and the singing is amazing."

- Desmond Arthur, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Sept./Oct., 1995

“Kozlovsky's voice was distinguished for its beautiful high register and rich palette of shadings. He sang more than 50 operatic rôles, and was especially famous as Lensky in EUGENE ONÉGIN. They say that Ivan Kozlovsky considered his voice as his one and only possession and prayed every morning thanking the Lord for the priceless gift He gave him.”

- Olga Fyodorova

“One way of dividing the world seems to be into admirers and detractors of Ivan Kozlovsky. For the former, the succulent, dripping sweetness of the Russian tenor provides a paragon of bel canto, exquisite, long-held soft head notes, phrases caressed and pressed out of familiar shape….the portrait of an extraordinary singer….”

- Max Loppert, OPERA ON RECORD, Vol. I, pp.29-30