John Charles Thomas       (Nimbus 7838)
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John Charles Thomas       (Nimbus 7838)
V1055. JOHN CHARLES THOMAS: Songs by Malotte, Guion, Manna-Zucca, Speaks, Gatty, Scott, Wolf, Powell, Wolfe, May Foster, Rasbach, Strickland, Charles, etc.; Arias from H.M.S. Pinafore, Gypsy Baron, The Chocolate Soldier & Showboat. (England) Nimbus 7838, recorded 1931-41. Final Sealed Copy! - 710357783821


"The baritone John Charles Thomas was one of the most popular American singers in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. He had a beautiful, smooth, and even voice of considerable power, and he used it with intelligence and flair in operatic roles as well as in lighter fare such as operetta and the popular music of the time….Thomas sings everything with conviction, honestly and with fine expression and diction."

- Kurt Moses, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, March/April, 2007

"Thomas’ voice is one of the most ample, wide-ranging and evenly produced baritones on record. Hear him in…the well-known air from Leoncavallo’s ZAZŔ, and you will understand instantly why it could be cited, as a voice, along with Caruso, Ponselle and Pinza."

- John Steane, GRAMOPHONE, Oct., 2006