Albert Alvarez       (Malibran 636)
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Albert Alvarez       (Malibran 636)
V1068. ALBERT ALVAREZ: Songs by Tosti, Flégier, Durand, Gounod, etc.; Arias from Otello, Pagliacci, Marta, L'Africaine, Roméo, Carmen, Sigurd, Joseph, Le Prophête, La Favorite, Faust, Le Roi d'Ys, Le Cid & Die Walküre. (France) Malibran 636. - 3760003776360


“After appearing in Lyon and Marseille, Alvarez enjoyed a truly international reputation, invariably appearing in the company of the greatest singers of he period….In New York at the Metropolitan Opera he was to achieve great success in OTELLO. He sang all the important lyric/dramatic roles at the Paris Opéra….initially Alvarez consistently refused offers to record his voice, yet, when eventually he did so for the Pathé Company, he was evidently pleased with the results….The transfers in the main are among the best I have heard of those made from Pathé material….throughout this CD compilation, which includes a number of hard-to-find records in their original form, his voice is immediate and clear and demonstrates why he achieved such success as a French ‘ténor-fort’ in an era of great French dramatic tenors. He should be more widely appreciated.”

- Alan Bilgora, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2019