Augusto Ferrauto         (Clama TimaClub CD-10)
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Augusto Ferrauto         (Clama TimaClub CD-10)
V1196. AUGUSTO FERRAUTO: Songs by Ranzato, Titomanlio, Vento, Mario, Cardillo, Murolo, Bovio, Galdieri, Staffelli & Russo; Arias by Puccini, Giordano, Ponchielli, Mascagni & Bizet. (Italy) Clama TimaClub CD-10, recorded 1937-40.


“Ferrauto’s voice is that of a tenore di forza with considerable weight and projection in the middle register, and real squillo above the stave, where the dramatic effect of his top notes can easily be appreciated….But for the intervention of World War II, Ferrauto might well have enjoyed a great international career.”

- Alan Bilgora, liner notes to Pearl’s THE CETRA TENORS