Rosa Ponselle       (3-Naxos 8.111142/44)
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Rosa Ponselle       (3-Naxos 8.111142/44)
V1361.  ROSA PONSELLE:  The 1939 Victor and 1954 'Villa Pace' Recordings, incl. 21 Unpublished.  Songs by Paisiello, Martini, Ciampi, Weckerlin, Delibes, Saint-Saëns, Bizet, Debussy, Chausson, Duparc, Paladilhe, Donaudy, de Fontenailles, Chopin, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Trunk, Wagner, Strauss, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tschaikowsky, Arensky, del Riego, Farley, Munro, Manning, Charles, Millard, Tosti, Sadero, Falvo, Denza, Persico, Buzzi-Peccia, Wolf-Ferrari, de Falla, Sandoval, Álvarez, Granados, etc.;  Arias from Nozze, Amadis & La Molinara;  Interview w.Ponselle & Ruby Mercer.  (Germany) 3-Naxos 8.111142/44.  Transfers by Ward Marston. - 747313314225


"...the golden ‘Indian Summer’ recordings of soprano Rosa Ponselle, her last commercial 78's from 1939 and the extensive sessions from 15 years later taped at her Baltimore home…arias, songs and Lieder – the glorious voice still in remarkable shape, the manner of singing an object lesson in superior style. Superb transfers from Ward Marston.”

- Rob Cowan, GRAMOPHONE, Aug., 2008

"After [Ponselle] sang at the Republican National Convention in 1952, RCA brought a recording crew to her home, and over 5 days in October, 1954, accompanied by the young Russian pianist Igor Chichagov, she recorded the 51 selections that (along with the 1939 material) appear on these three discs. RCA released 32 of them, along with a promotional interview that also is on the discs; the others were known only from private recordings....all sung with musical intelligence, subtlety of phrase and inflection, and an exquisite mezza voce that is unmatched today. There is more vocal opulence and excitement in the earlier recordings, but in these later performances, Ponselle's artistry is compelling as ever."

- Alexander Morin, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May/June, 1997