Rosalia Chalia          (Marston 51007)
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Rosalia Chalia          (Marston 51007)
V1520. ROSALIA CHALIA: Rosalia Chalia: Selected Recordings of a Forgotten Soprano, incl. Songs by Camora, Álvarez, Secchi, Arditi, Yradier, de Fuentes, etc.; Arias from Semiramide, Barbiere, Stabat Mater (Rossini), Don Giovanni, Carmen, Faust, L’Étoile du Nord, La Traviata, Ballo, Aïda, Cavalleria & Bohemian Girl. Marston 51007. Transfers by Ward Marston. Booklet features discographic information, photos & extensive notes by Gregor Benko and Lawrence F. Holdridge. - 638335100722


“[Chalia's] combination of extreme virtuosity and sheer reliability was extraordinary even in a time when virtuosity was more common than it later became.”

- Will Crutchfield, Program Notes, Marston's CHALIA

"Rosalia Chalia was born into Cuban nobility in 1866 and despite her family's wishes, she mounted a tremendously successful stage career. She was especially known for her Santuzza, which she sang at the Metropolitan Opera in the 1898 - 1899 Season. But possibly her greatest mark will be her role as the first major operatic star to make a series of disc recordings: the Eldridge R. Johnson Improved Record (Victor) in 1900 - 1901. She also sang for Bettini, Zonophone, and Columbia. Her records are rare and hard to find in good condition. Her voice is extremely flexible with a huge range and supple timbre. She negotiates coloratura passages with breathtaking agility and beauty. Her recordings are spellbinding and each one is a treasure."

- Ward Marston