Frida Leider:   Die Walkure   &  Gotterdammerung     (2-FLG 19361938)
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Frida Leider:   Die Walkure   &  Gotterdammerung     (2-FLG 19361938)
V1571. FRIDA LEIDER: Frida Leider Live in London, incl. GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG – Excerpts, Live Performance, 14 May, 1936, (w.Beecham Cond. London Phil.; Kerstin Thorborg, Lauritz Melchior, Herbert Janssen, Emanuel List & Maria Nezádal) & 7 June, 1938 (w.Furtwängler Cond. London Phil.; Lauritz Melchior, Herbert Janssen, Wilhelm Schirp & Anny von Stosch); DIE WALKÜRE – Excerpts, Live Performance, 1 June, 1938, (w.Furtwängler Cond. London Phil.; Karl Kamann & Kerstin Thorborg). (Germany) 2–FLG 19361938. Transfers by Christian Zwarg. Extremely Limited Edition.


“I suspect one would have to go back to Lilli Lehmann to find another soprano who has delivered the music with such perfection of phrasing and shading, so sure a sense of design, such subtlety and such nobility of expression, and so firm a control of her vocal resources.”

- Pitts Sanborn, THE NEW YORK TIMES, 23 Feb., 1934

“Furtwängler conducted two performances of Götterdämmerung at Covent Garden in 1938, and in one of them Leider was the Brünnhilde….and it does seem to preserve one of the best of opera nights….above all there is Leider. The intensity of her singing is unmistakeable at the great moments….a singer with presence, and one is aware of it, majestic and human throughout. Leider was an adored singer….”

- J. B. Steane, THE GRAND TRADITION, pp.240-41