Disques  'APGA'     (2-Malibran 721)
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Disques  'APGA'     (2-Malibran 721)
V1578. DISQUES “APGA”, incl. Lucien Muratore, Léon Melchissédec, Xavier Privas, Charles Cros, Alexis Ghasne, Jean Noté, Juste Nivette, Marguerite Revel, Charlotte Agussol, Henri Weber, Alice Verlet, Mary Boyer, Théodore Botrel, etc. (France) 2-Malibran 721. [Sheer enchantment in these marvelous displays of the now extinct French style.] Final Copy! - 7600003777218


“Among those ‘minor’ companies that flourished in France before the end of the first decade, there is one that stands out above all the others for its originality of organization and its technical excellence. A.P.G.A. (L’Association Phonique des Grands Artistes) was founded in May, 1906….The records were uniform in size: 27cm. or about 10½ inches….All A.P.G.A. records play at an average speed of 86 r.p.m., and I know of many that go well over 90. These extraordinary speeds might have accounted for the lack of sales….However, when pitched properly, these records are astoundingly good – I might venture to say better than any other needle-cut record of the period….”

- Victor Girard, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 1954