Boris Christoff, Vol. III        (Preiser 89713)
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Boris Christoff, Vol. III        (Preiser 89713)
V1617. BORIS CHRISTOFF, Vol. III, w.Feodor Potojinski Russian Choir: Russian Folk Songs & Sacred Music; w.Tzipine Cond.: Songs and Dances of Death (Mussorgsky); w.Gerald Moore (Pf.): Sadly rustled the leaves (Mussorgsky) & Siberian Prisoner’s Song (Trad.). (Austria) Preiser 89713, recorded 1951-57. - 717281897136


"...there is the beauty of the voice itself, black and majestic, but capable of melting to the warmest of velvet; a voice that can damn and bless within the same breath. Add to all this a magnificent sense of presence and in Boris Christoff we have a true mastersinger of our time."

- Michael Letchford, Liner Notes to HMV LP set

“[Christoff’s] smooth, ample voice was unmatched for power and tonal beauty, and his way with the Russian texts was impressive and convincing, even to non-Russian speakers. Moussorgsky’s song cycles are often composed to human speech patterns as, for example, to children’s speech in the Nursery Songs, and Christoff’s interpretations fully reflect that. He scales down his big voice and colors it so that it sounds like a child’s or a nanny’s. These songs are not the composer’s greatest or most profound, but they are entertaining and humorous. So is the famous Song of the Flea, here given a bravura performance equal to Chaliapin’s and much better recorded….Christoff performs with an unfailingly beautiful tonal sheen and a deep feeling for [the songs’] emotional content. I can’t imagine how these renditions could be bettered….The Field Marshal describes a battle and its consequences. Death rides onto the field and tells the fallen soldiers that they will lie there forever. It’s a powerful song and it’s sung by this great artist with a majesty and grandeur that hasn’t been heard since he last sang it.”

- Kurt Moses, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Sept./Oct., 2003