Boris Christoff, Vol. III        (Preiser 89713)
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Boris Christoff, Vol. III        (Preiser 89713)
V1617. BORIS CHRISTOFF, Vol. III, w.Feodor Potojinski Russian Choir: Russian Folk Songs & Sacred Music; w.Tzipine Cond.: Songs and Dances of Death (Mussorgsky); w.Gerald Moore (Pf.): Sadly rustled the leaves (Mussorgsky) & Siberian Prisoner’s Song (Trad.). (Austria) Preiser 89713, recorded 1951-57. - 717281897136


"...there is the beauty of the voice itself, black and majestic, but capable of melting to the warmest of velvet; a voice that can damn and bless within the same breath. Add to all this a magnificent sense of presence and in Boris Christoff we have a true mastersinger of our time."

- Michael Letchford, Liner Notes to HMV LP set