Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2009 Issue        (2-VRCS 2009)
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Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2009 Issue        (2-VRCS 2009)
V1660. VOCAL RECORD COLLECTORS' SOCIETY - 2009 Issue, incl. Germaine Martinelli, Harold Williams, Jules Bledsoe, Carolina White, Isa Kremer, Umberto Macnez, Marie Rappold, David Bispham, Romain Carbelly, Florence Hinkle, Karl Jörn, Aurora Rettori, Kapiton Zaporozhets, Irma Mion, Lucy Finkle, William Robyn, Louise Lerch, Mario Laurenti, Adriana Perris, Max Bloch, Eva Leoni, Madeleine Sibille, Louis Azéma, Lina Pagliughi, Marcel Génio, Rina Gigli, Guy Cazenave, Giuseppina Finzi-Magrini, Ferruccio Giannini, Gennaro de Tura, Grete Forst, Desider Arányi, Suzanne Brohly, Susan Strong, Vladimir Rosing, Elena Katulskaya, Agnes Kimball, Lieb Glantz, Eduard Kandl, Arthur Fear, Germaine Corney, José Mossegeld Santiago, Mafalda Salvatini, Louis Graveure, Nicola Moscona & Kathleen Ferrier. 2–VRCS-2009. Transfers by Seth B. Winner.


“This year’s annual issue is a little different from the usual one in that, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first VRCS LP, it is a double CD consisting of one disc of highlights from previous LP issues dating from between 1962 and 1992, and a second CD of new items….all the discs have been newly transferred from the original 78s – you will not be listening to 40 year old transfers!....The quality of the the transfers is exceptionally high….The 36-page booklet is a model of its kind. It must have taken a huge amount of time and effort to ferret out the quite substantial biographies of some of these very obscure singers, ever one of whom [offers] also a small photograph….The booklet also contains all the discographical information could want, even including the speed used for the transfer.”

- Paul Steinson, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2010

“These VRCS issues really are the Rolls-Royce of reissues. Complete discographical details are included (even down to the speeds used for each transfer), there are detailed notes on each of the 24 singers, and there are photographs of all but two of them. Seth Winner’s transfers are also uniformly excellent….I think his transfers rank alongside those of Ward Marston, Andrew Rose and Roger Beardsley….”

- Paul Steinson, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2011