Jennie Tourel, Vol . II              (Preiser 89733)
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Jennie Tourel, Vol . II              (Preiser 89733)
V1662. JENNIE TOUREL, Vol.2, w.George Reeves, Erich Itor Kahn (Pfs.); Leonard Bernstein (Pf & Cond.): Songs by Chopin, Ravel, Rachmaninoff & Mussorgsky; w.Ormandy Cond.: Philadelphia Orch.: Alexander Nevsky – Field of the dead (Prokofiev). (Austria) Preiser 89733, recorded 1944-50. Final Sealed Copy! - 717281897334


“The vocal quality can best be likened to a fine, dry, vintage, red wine, which suits Ravel’s heat-haze enwrapped ‘Schéhérazade’ songs to perfection….This is a most worthwhile tribute to a fine artist and a splendid addition to the catalog.”

- Vivian A. Liff, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Nov./Dec., 2010

"Miss Tourel is mistress of a wider range of coloration in all ranges and at all volumes than any other singer I have ever heard....Her legato skips are the kind of bel canto one dreams about....Her musicianship in every domain is so thorough that from the whole technical and intellectual aspect her work belongs clearly with that of the great virtuosos of music....Miss Tourel is, I believe, unequaled among living singers for the high concentration in one artist of vocal skill, sound musicianship, and stylistic flexibility."

- Virgil Thomson, NEW YORK HERALD TRIBUNE, 21 Jan., 1942