The Creators of Verismo, Vol. I             (2-Marston 52062)
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The Creators of Verismo, Vol. I             (2-Marston 52062)
V1768. THE CREATORS OF VERISMO, Vol. I, incl. Bellincioni, Pandolfini, and the SIBERIA creator-recordings. This two-CD set contains many of the first Verismo performances on record. 2-Marston 52062. Transfers by Ward Marston. Booklet features discographic information, photos & extensive notes by Michael Aspinall. [The concept of this series is to compile a collection of recordings of opera scenes with the artists in roles they sang in first performances. While this idea cannot go back to cover all opera, it can and does reach back to singers who were in first performances as long ago as the 1870s.] - 638335206226


“These CDs bring together recordings by sopranos who participated in early performances of verismo operas: in some cases they are actually singing arias from rôles they created. Also included are substantial extracts from Siberia, a more or less forgotten work by Giordano, with the singers of the December 1903 Milan premiere. None of the records on these CDs would have sold in significant numbers at the time: they are not easily found in original form and some are exceedingly rare. This current compilation draws on holdings in various important collections. Of the 53 separate tracks, no less than 32 have been made available from the Witten Collection, part of the Yale Collection of Historic Sound Recordings….The excellent booklet notes by Michael Aspinall discuss the careers and recorded characteristics of all the singers…. This is a unique compilation for delving into verismo opera and its earliest interpreters, particularly recommended to those with an interest in the history of singing on record.”


“Verismo opera is easier to identify than define. When one thinks of verismo, a number of composers come to mind: Mascagni, Leoncavallo, Puccini, Franchetti, and Giordano. During the first decade of the verismo era, several sopranos made their reputations in connection with this new kind of opera. Among them were Angelica Pandolfini, Gemma Bellincioni, Amelia Pinto, Rosina Storchio, and Emma Carelli, all of whom made recordings at the beginning of the 20th century. For the first time on CD, we present the five incredibly rare G&T sides of Pandolfini, her complete recorded output, and the complete recordings of Gemma Bellincioni on four G&T sides, and ten Pathé sides. Also included in this set are the nine G&T sides from Giordano's SIBERIA sung by the original cast. To round out this fascinating album with notes by Michael Aspinall, we present selected recordings by other important La Scala sopranos of the period – Amelia Pinto, Emma Carelli, and Cesira Ferrani. These have all been transferred directly from original discs belonging to the collection of Mr and Mrs Laurence C. Witten II in the Yale Collection of Historical Sound Recordings at Yale University Library, and from several important private collections.”

- Z. D. Akron