Anna Sutter;  Hoftheater Stuttgart            (Truesound Transfers 3061)
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Anna Sutter;  Hoftheater Stuttgart            (Truesound Transfers 3061)
V1777. ANNA SUTTER: Songs by Arditi & Bischoff; Arias from Gasparone, Zigeunerleben, Mam’zelle Nitouche & Carmen; Stars of the Hoftheater Stuttgart, incl. Peter Müller, Hermann Weil, Johanna Schönberger, Katharina Senger-Bettaque, Oskar Bolz, Alfred Goltz, Lisa Heinefetter, Hedy Iracema-Brügelmann, Reinhold Fritz & Karl Erb: Operatic Arias. (Germany) Truesound Transfers 3061, recorded 1905-21. Transfers by Christian Zwarg.


“Born in St.Gallen, Switzerland, 1871, and after studies in Bern as a pianist and Münich as a singer, Anna Sutter made her début at the Münich Volkstheater in 1893, then in 1895 signed a long-term contract at the Stuttgart Hoftheater. She also appeared in various other German opera houses, including those of Frankfurt, Berlin and Karlsruhe. Both her personality and voice helped make her a great success, particularly as Carmen, although her repertoire included many other rôles, such as Sieglinde and Salome. She was Stuttgart’s first Salome, and was recalled in that opera for her her ‘daring costume’ as well as for her singing and acting. She was also noted for her love affairs, having had two children by different men. One of her later lovers was Dr. Aloys Obrist, Director of the Liszt Museum in Weimar and conductor at the Royal Opera. After she terminated their short affair, Dr. Obrist confronted her in her bedroom and shot her, and then himself, in Stuttgart, 1910. Prior to her death, she had broken off a romantic relationship with Obrist and become involved with the bass-baritone Albin Swoboda, Jr. who was just 17 years old at the time. Swoboda left fresh flowers at her gravesite daily until the end of the 1960's.”

- Ned Ludd

“[Truesound] transfers have been an absolute revelation to me….Amazingly, Christian Zwarg has managed to unlock the sound of these recordings in such a way as to present [voices] such as I have never heard before. Here the sound has a sheen and glow which is quite beautiful. It is as if an old masterpiece painting has been cleaned and restored, allowing rays of brilliant light to emerge….”

- Davyd Booth, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2012