Kozlovsky, Lemeshev, Vinogradov, Maslennikova      (Aquarius AQVR 337)
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Kozlovsky, Lemeshev, Vinogradov, Maslennikova      (Aquarius AQVR 337)
V1827. IVAN KOZLOVSKY: Songs by Weckerlin, Tchaikowsky, Kashevarov, etc.; Rigoletto – La donna č mobile (in Russian), recorded 1947, Berlin, Eterna; SERGEI LEMESHEV: Songs by Tchaiklowsky & Glinka, recorded 1947, Berlin, Eterna; GEÖRGY VINOGRADOV: Songs by Rachmaninoff, Rimsky-Korsaov, Glinka, Tchaikowsky, Blanter, Soloviev-Sedoy, recorded 1946-51, Prague, Supraphon & Esta; IRINA MASLENNIKOVA: Songs by Tchaikovsky; Faust – Air des bijoux (in Russian), recorded Berlin, Eterna. (Russia) Aquarius AQVR 337. - 4607123630945


“Kozlovsky was one of the two most popular tenors at the Bolshoi during the mid-century; female fans in those years were jokingly divided into ‘Kozlovitianki’ and ‘Lemeshitski’, after rival Sergei Lemeshev….Lemeshev heard or sang with most of the major Russian singers of the first half of the 20th century, and his memoirs are interesting because they contain observations about the artistic practice of his time and his fellow artists. He was the first singer to sing all of Tchaikovsky’s songs in a series of five concerts in 1938-39….He recorded 52 of them, sometimes more than once….Vinogradov never appeared on stage and thus never rivalled Lemeshev and Kozlovsky, but his pure intonation, perfect diction, taste, genuine musicality, and lyrical voice which he never forced made him one of the most popular singers of his day. Honored Artist of Russia (1949), he was forced into retirement in 1951 for ‘disciplinary infractions on a concert tour’.”

- Richard D. Sylvester, TCHAIKOVSKY’S COMPLETE SONGS, pp.309, 311 & 326-27

“[Lemeshev] developed a mixed voice of incomparable beauty which made it possible for him to take the highest notes with such beautiful richness that even specialists could not explain how it was done. His high Cs…sounded virile and full.”

- Anatoly Orfenov

“The Bolshoi's singer and Kozlovsky's partner in several operas, Irina Maslennikova, said: ‘At the beginning of my career at the Bolshoi I sang first in RIGOLETTO and then in THE BARBER OF SEVILLE. As a singer I was absolutely unknown to anyone. My first partners were such celebrities as Ivan Kozlovsky and Marc Reizen. Who was I? Just a beginner. But how they cared for me! At rehearsals they treated me like an accomplished singer making no difference between me and themselves'.”