New Golden Age of Forgotten Tenors, Vol. II          (2-The Record Collector TRC 32)
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New Golden Age of Forgotten Tenors, Vol. II          (2-The Record Collector TRC 32)
V1866. A NEW GOLDEN AGE OF FORGOTTEN TENORS ACTIVE IN ITALY 1940 – 1955, Vol. II, incl. Costanzo Gero, Rafael Lagares, Ermanno Lorenzi, Alberto Lotti-Camici, Gino Mattera, Nicola Monti, Gianni Poggi, Giacinto Prandelli, Salvatore Puma, Alberto Salvarezza, Giovanni Signorini, José Soler, Roberto Turrini, Cesare Valletti & Alessandro Ziliani. (England) The Record Collector 2-TRC 32, recorded 1940-55. Booklet offers full discographical information, plus brief biographies by Alan Bilgora. Extremely Limited Edition!


“A few [of the above] singers may be familiar from their activities in the LP era, but it is surprising to find how many of them had also made 78rpm recordings that have, for the most part, been extremely difficult to find. Subsequently, in their original form, they are now fetching extremely high prices on international dealers’ lists….many discs issued in Italy at that time and later, in the dying days of 78rpm recordings, have become extremely hard to find. In some instances they have proved to be of greater rarity than those earlier and now historic recordings made in that which has become euphemistically referred to as the ‘Golden Age of Singing’. These are truly ‘collector’s items’….none of the recordings being made available on this collection will in any way duplicate the contents on a Pearl CD set devoted entirely those tenors who recorded for Cetra up until 1950….Without doubt, these CDs should make a welcome addition to the collections of anyone interested in the vocal standards of ‘recorded vocal art’ in the middle of the 20th century and, in particular, to lovers of the tenor voice.”

- Alan Bilgora, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2010