Vladimir Rosing  &  Oda Slobodskaya;  Ivor Newton           (Pearl 9021)
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Vladimir Rosing  &  Oda Slobodskaya;  Ivor Newton           (Pearl 9021)
V1936. VLADIMIR ROSING: Songs by Moussorgsky, Tschaikowsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Bridge, Cui, etc, recorded 1933-36; ODA SLOBODSKAYA, w.Ivor Newton (Pf.): Songs by Tanieff, Tschaikowsky, Rubinstein, Moussorgsky, Tcherepnin, Cui & Rachmaninoff, recorded 1938 from the elusive Rimington van Wyck Set). (England) Pearl 9021. Long out-of-print, final copy! (N.B.: This 1993 CD is most frequently found in ‘bronzed’ state. Finally, we have a pristine copy!) - 727031902126


“Of the first rate tenors Russia produced [during WW I], Rosing’s voice was perhaps the least beautiful but one of the most musically cultured.”

- Alan Bilgora, liner notes to Nimbus’ Treasures of the St Petersburg State Museum

“Rosing was a tenor of the lyrico-spinto type, which allowed him to sing roles like Cavaradossi and Radames….It was notable mainly for its expressive quality, a feature he shared with Chaliapin and Kozlovsky, and with sopranos like Koshetz and Slobodskaya, for a particularly lovely mezza-voce, and for his exemplary enunciation of the Russian language. His top was probably rather limited, as he frequently extended his range by making use of the head voice, a characteristic he shared with Tauber.”

- Foris Juynboll, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 1991

"The songs in this [Rosing Recital] are all masterpieces and they are sung by a man who seems by nature to have been the predestined instrument for bringing them to life....Rosing's inherent genius and affinity with the spirit of Moussorgsky enable him to interpret these moods with a wealth of imagination and artistry: it was not for nothing that he made these songs his own...."

- Richard Holt, GRAMOPHONE, Jan., 1936

"...these Rimington van Wyck recordings [of Slobodskaya] were made and issued in a limited edition of 2,000 copies, bearing a classy orange label....the Rimington van Wyck set comprising four 12" 78rpm records, made in 1938, [includes] her own favourite recording, Tschaikowsky's 'Golden Cornfields' [and] captures Slobodskaya in her vocal prime, she was just 50, and at her interpretative best. Ivor Newton, her accompanist, is sensitive and supportive.... Even if a Rimington van Wyck set can be discovered nowadays, and it is exceedingly rare, the records may be seriously impaired."

- Maurice Leonard, SLOBODSKAYA, A Biography

"[Slobodskaya] has a never-failing power to convey the precise significance of each song she sings to audiences ignorant of the Russian language. And it is with a Russian richness of temperament that she enjoys or suffers everything she sings....Working with her was always an adventure...."