L'Opera-Comique, Les Creations, Vol. II        (Malibran 136)
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L'Opera-Comique, Les Creations, Vol. II        (Malibran 136)
V1941. L’OPÉRA-COMIQUE, LES CRÉATIONS, Vol. II, 1905-14, incl. Delprat, Balguerie, Villabella, Thill, Bourdin & Vallin, Lafont & Musy, Doria & Sirera, Vanni-Marcoux, Krieger, Arnoult, Dufranne, Gilles, Aubert, Heldy, Morturier & Favereau, Sibille, Gaudin & Géori Boué. (France) Malibran 136. [Sheer enchantment in these marvelous displays of the now extinct French style.] Long out-of-print, Final Copy! - 3760003771365


"…a mine of ‘fabuleuse’ treasures: 19 excerpts from nine generally unfamiliar operas by legendary singers including some of the artists who created the roles. Such a list!”

- Charles H. Parsons, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, May/June, 2000