The Cetra Legacy of Baritones  (2-The Record Collector TRC 34)
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The Cetra Legacy of Baritones  (2-The Record Collector TRC 34)
V1989. THE CETRA LEGACY OF BARITONES, incl. Giuseppe Taddei, Giampiero Malaspina, Carlos Guichandut, Giuseppe Manacchini, Antenore Reali, Enzo Mascherini, Rolando Panerai, Carlo Tagliabue, Giuseppe Valdengo & Sándor (Alessandro) Svéd. (England) 2-The Record Collector TRC 34. Transfers by Norman White. Booklet offers full discographical information, plus brief biographies by Alan Bilgora. Long out-of-print, Final Copy!


"Following on from the great success of the two sets of Cetra tenors, it made perfect sense to produce one devoted to some of the marvellous baritones who sang for Cetra during the post-war years until the advent of the LP record. Most of these discs are of enormous rarity and few have been reissued at all, let alone on CD. They would have been sold primarily in Italy, are likely to have sold in minimal numbers as a result of post-war austerity and received little distribution elsewhere.

Here is a collection of baritones whose vocal timbres are unique. There seems to be a real dearth of Verdi baritones today. Each and every one of the singers on these CDs would be a major star on today’s stages."

-Zillah D. Akron