Georgy Vinogradov              (Aquarius  AQVR 360)
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Georgy Vinogradov              (Aquarius  AQVR 360)
V1993. GEÖRGY VINOGRADOV: Songs by Rzhevskaya, Nikolaev, Waldteufel-Gerdel, Nisnevich, Dyubuk, Kharlito, Baron, Tschaikowsky, Dargomyzhsky, Genishta, Alabieff, Vielgorsky, Balakirev, Bulakhov, Gurilyov, Titov, etc. (Russia) Aquarius AQVR 360, recorded 1939 & 1947. - 4607123631225


"…judged solely from his recorded legacy, [Vinogradov] deserves to be at least as well known and highly regarded as his more famous colleagues, Sergei Lemeshev and Ivan Kozlovsky…Certainly the voice and artistry can stand comparison with such tenors as Schipa, Simoneau, Valletti, and the young Vanzo, making his neglect even more extraordinary….for the true genius of this singer it is necessary to hear the operatic arias and Russian art songs. Few tenors have sung Lensky’s final aria with such beauty of tone, tenderness, and real poetry."

- Vivian A. Liff, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Sept./Oct. 2004