Cetra Legacy of Divas, Vol. I         (2-Record Collector TRC 36)
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Cetra Legacy of Divas, Vol. I         (2-Record Collector TRC 36)
V2057. THE CETRA LEGACY OF DIVAS, Vol. I, incl.Giuseppina Arnaldi, Onelia Fineschi, Margherita Benetti, Maria Antonietta Castelli, Gianna Pederzini, Maria Minazzi, Elena Nicolai, Maria Pedrini, Pia Tassinari, Elena Rizzieri, Graziella Valle, Nora de Rosa, Lidia Cremona, Winifred Cecil, Adriana Guerrini, Maria Luisa Gemelli, Lina Pagliughi, Rosetta Pampanini & Ebe Stignani. (England) The Record Collector 2-TRC 36. Booklet offers full discographical information, plus brief biographies by Alan Bilgora. Extremely Limited Edition!


“The latest in THE RECORD COLLECTOR’s series of reissues of records made by the Italian company of Cetra is devoted to sopranos and mezzos of the period 1938-55. As usual, the standard of presentation, the authoritative notes by Alan Bilgora and the quality of the transfers…are exemplary. The material is of extreme rarity, not to say obscurity….We are told that Vol. II of CETRA DIVAS will be more of the same, and even better. I can’t wait!.”


“I’ve just spent two very happy hours listening to the Cetra Divas from beginning to end. I assumed I would know most of what would be on these discs. In fact, seven singers were completely new to me and all of them worth hearing. Three were positively revelatory….Gemelli’s GIULIETTA aria is amongst the really great verismo records and worth the price of the whole set.”

- Patrick Bade, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2012

“A few [of the above] singers may be familiar from their activities in the LP era, but it is surprising to find how many of them had also made 78rpm recordings that have, for the most part, been extremely difficult to find. Subsequently, in their original form, they are now fetching extremely high prices on international dealers’ lists….many discs issued in Italy at that time and later, in the dying days of 78rpm recordings, have become extremely hard to find. In some instances they have proved to be of greater rarity than those earlier and now historic recordings made in that which has become euphemistically referred to as the ‘Golden Age of Singing’. These are truly ‘collector’s items’….Without doubt, these CDs should make a welcome addition to the collections of anyone interested in the vocal standards of ‘recorded vocal art’ in the middle of the 20th century....”

- Alan Bilgora, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2010 (referring to the Cetra tenors)