Louis Cazette,  Charles Friant,  Jean Marny   (Three Tenors of the Opera-Comique)    (Marston 51006)
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Louis Cazette,  Charles Friant,  Jean Marny   (Three Tenors of the Opera-Comique)    (Marston 51006)
V2171. THREE TENORS OF THE OPÉRA-COMIQUE, incl. Louis Cazette – the complete recordings - (songs by Toselli, Malderen, Tosti, Maingueneau & Rousseau; Arias from Mignon, Manon, Grisélides & Fortunio); Charles Friant (Aimons-nous (Saint-Saëns); Arias from Werther, Le Jongleur de Notre-Dame, L’attaque du Moulin & Le Hulla); Jean Marny (Arias From La Rôtisserie de la Reine Pédauque, Mignon, Louise, Werther & Manon). Marston 51006, recorded 1920-30. Transfers by Ward Marston. Very Long out-of-print, final ever-so-slightly used copy! - 638335100623


“Marston's mining of historical recordings of French operas and singers yields hordes of gold, and this CD taps the mother lode of the heyday of French tenors, the early 1920s. “The real find is the melting beauty of Louis Cazette's light tenor voice. His sensuous head voice and glorious diction in the MANON arias and the way he caresses the words ‘cher Mignon’ put you in another world of now-lost vocal virtues. Jean Marny, heard in five arias, sings with great textual sensitivity, coloring his voice in Werther's death scene to convey heartbreaking sadness and lending a lilting swing to the MIGNON aria. Charles Friant, the best known of the trio, has six selections, displaying a voice with more muscle than his peers, used with flexibility and exquisite sensitivity, albeit with a vibrato exaggerated by the acoustic recording process. As always, Marston's transfers make these ancient recordings come alive. Indispensable!”

- Dan Davis

“The purpose of this compact disc is to bring to lovers of opera the voices of three of the principal tenors who sang at the Opéra-Comique during the 1920's: namely, Louis Cazette, Charles Friant, and Jean Marny. The Opéra-Comique was rich in the diversity and extent of its tenor voices. Unfortunately, today there are very few great French singers, and, as a consequence, the French style of singing is considerably weakened. So, the singers on this CD will convey what the French style should be. In brief, the elements consist ideally of the clear articulation of words, elegance and refinement of phrasing, and beauty of voice. Altogether, these recordings reveal the fine voices and elegant phrasing of Cazette, Friant and Marny. Each one skillfully modulated his voice and used dramatic emphasis when required. They were true exemplars of the now almost lost French style of singing.”

- Lewis Morris Hall, Program Notes