Vocal Record Collectors' Society  -  2014 Issue        (VRCS-2014)
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Vocal Record Collectors' Society  -  2014 Issue        (VRCS-2014)
V2294. VOCAL RECORD COLLECTORS' SOCIETY - 2014 Issue, incl. Katarina Arkandy, Marie Götze, Karl Jörn, Rosa Olitzka, Joachim V. Tartakov, Marthe Chenal, Paul Bender, Ettore Bergamaschi, Marina Campanari, Jaro Dworsky, Titta Ruffo, Friedrich Schorr, Anna Meitchik, Louis Morturier, Heinz Rehfuss, Margarete Matzenauer, Mignon Nevada, Jan Peerce, Jolanda di Maria-Petris, Marguerite d’Alvarez, Bidú Sayão & Thomas L. Thomas. VRCS-2014. Transfers by Seth B. Winner.


“The annual VRCS CD is with us again, and the selection of records provides a fascinating selection of tracks of which few collectors will already posses even a single one….The presentation fully lives up to VRCS’s expected excellence with the usual extensive biographies, photographs and discographical details for all tracks. The transfers are also of the state-of-the-art quality to which Seth Winner always treats us. Only Marston issues equal the VRCS in their technical and presentational quality. Thoroughly recommended.”

- Paul Steinson, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2015