Offenbach Anthologie, Vol. II    (Forlane 16778)
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Offenbach Anthologie, Vol. II    (Forlane 16778)
V2298. OFFENBACH ANTHOLOGIE, Vol.II, incl. Anna Tariol-Baugé, Yvonne Printemps, Hélène Regelly, Claudia Novikova, Livine Mertens, Marthe Coiffier, Emile Rousseau, André Noël, Alfred Dambrine, André Urban, Bernadette Delprat, Mireille Berthon, Emma Calvé, Fanely Révoil, etc.: Excerpts from La Belle Hélène, La Grande-Duchesse de Gerolstein & La Périchole, w.Elaborate 31pp Brochure featuring photos, brief bios & exhaustive discography. (France) Forlane 16778, recorded 1903-39 (the last being the legendary ‘Ah! quel diner’ sung in Russian by the inimitable Novikova!). Excellent, ever-so-slightly used copy may have been played once. - 3399240167787


“Of prime importance is the OFFENBACH ANTHOLOGY of Forlane, which unites on four CDs [the 4th devoted to LES CONTES D’HOFFMANN] selection of the most famous pieces from the collection of Laurent Fraison. Since these are very old recordings, partly with singers who had sung in the premieres of Offenbach’s last works, one can get a good idea of how this music was performed in that era. This is a document of unique value.”

- Jean-Christophe Keck