Richard Strauss   -   Sesquicentennial Edition     (3-Marston 53017)
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Richard Strauss   -   Sesquicentennial Edition     (3-Marston 53017)
V2311. RICHARD STRAUSS - Selected Lieder Recordings - Sesquicentennial Edition. Strauss Lieder incl. Frances Alda, Rosette Anday, Peter Anders, Giuseppe Anselmi, Katherine Arkandy, Florence Austral, Erna Berger, Emmy Bettendorf, David Bispham, Jussi Björling, Anton Dermota, Claire Dux, Florence Easton, Cloe Elmo, Ernestine Färber-Strasser, Elise Feinhals, Kirsten Flagstad, Elena Gerhardt, Dusolina Giannini, Karl Hammes, Frieda Hempel, Heinrich Hensel, Gerhard Hüsch, Robert Hutt, Hermann Jadlowker, Herbert Janssen, Sabine Kalter, Alexander Kipnis, Margarete Klose, Hilde Konetzni, Selma Kurz, Lotte Lehmann, Emmi Leisner, John McCormack, Heddle Nash, Margarethe Ober, Maria Olszewska, Julius Patzak, Rose Pauly, Lea Piltti, Alfred Poell, Elisabeth Rethberg, Marcella Roeseler, Helge Roswaenge, Lotte Schloss, Heinrich Schlusnus, Lotte Schöne, Friedrich Schorr, Elisabeth Schumann, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Joseph Schwarz, Meta Seinemeyer, Leo Slezak, Grete Stückgold, Richard Tauber, Viorica Ursuleac, Marcel Wittrisch, etc. 3-Marston 53017, recorded 1901-46. Transfers by Ward Marston. Booklet notes by Michael Aspinall. - 638335301723


“No fewer than twenty-two songs are represented here by a single recording….thirteen selections in which Strauss himself is at the piano or on the podium lend[ing] additional importance to such recordings…. In a scholarly essay, Michael Aspinall’s perceptive comments on more than seventy of the recordings…are the vocal historian’s and singing-teacher’s guide to nuances of singing and performance practice….This important compilation is highly recommended…perfection turns up again and again in this charming set."

- Michael Henstock, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2015

“Richard Strauss’ acceptance into the pantheon of great Lieder composers began in the early 1950s, perhaps marked by the enthusiastic reception of his 'Four Last Songs', premiered by Kirsten Flagstad eight months after Strauss’ death. It wasn’t long before these songs became widely performed, and by extension, his Lieder as a whole, began to gain greater acceptance as high art along with Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, and Wolf. This compilation concentrates on Strauss Lieder recordings from an earlier era that display the sort of vocal charm and straightforward approach to the music not usually heard in today’s style of Lieder singing. Many of these recordings are extremely important historic documents retaining their position as the definitive versions of Strauss Lieder. Some of the singers included here not only knew Strauss, but worked with him, and their recordings could have been heard and judged by him.

This three CD-set contains forty songs in eighty-two performances by fifty-seven singers."

- Ward Marston