BREAKING THE RECORD     (Truesound Transfers 3083)
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BREAKING THE RECORD     (Truesound Transfers 3083)
V2323. BREAKING THE RECORD, incl.Olga Orsella, Max Gillmann, József Kalmár, Angela de Angelis, Fernando de Lucia, Aurelio Viale, Amédée Sujol, Maria Galvany, Aline Sanden, Juan Spiwak, Juan Luria, Hans Nachod, M. Iginio, Agate Kolmann, Robert Biberti, Albert Schott, Maria Herescu, Franz Erdmann, Otto Beck, Zigo Rogac [as S. Wang], Nelly Byron, Clorinda Müller, Roy Williams, Gerty Urgiss, Willy Schüller, Fülöp Weiser, Alessandro Moreschi, [plus a few more perpetrators of some of the most embarassing singing, playing & conducting one could hardly imagine ever having been recorded [or retained] for posterity!] (Germany) Truesound Transfers 3083, recorded 1897-1933, Leipzig, München, Berlin, Wien, Hannover, Bucuresti, Budapest, Napoli, Milano, Roma, Paris, Exeter, etc. Transfers by Christian Zwarg.


"Christian Zwarg writes that this [‘…proves that even back in those days [1910], nepotism was a highly developed art’]…. Albert Schott’s dramatic efforts [and we do mean ‘efforts’] in this best-forgotten ‘Ungeduld’ is a severe case in point. As well as being painful to hear, on a more optimistic note it is truly hysterically uproarious! Just when you thought you’d heard everything, this tour de farce is intended for the collector who has everything, including a ribald sense of humor. . . accompanied by equally funny program notes in German and English."

- J. R. Peters