Jussi Bjorling;  Hjordis Schymberg     (Bluebell ABCD 013)
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Jussi Bjorling;  Hjordis Schymberg     (Bluebell ABCD 013)
V2340. JUSSI BJÖRLING & HJORDIS SCHYMBERG, w.Grevillius Cond.Royal Orch., Stockholm: Duets from Roméo & La Boheme. (Sweden) Bluebell ABCD 013, Live Performances, 27 & 21 March, 1940. Very long out-of-print, final ever-so-slightly used copy.


“One of the greatest singers of the twentieth century, [Björling’s] career is well documented in his legacy of recordings and in music literature….His voice serves as a model for singers all over the world."

- Richard T. Soper, NORDIC VOICES

“Jussi Björling was one of the most admired tenors of the twentieth century. He was never an effective actor on stage nor was he particularly handsome, but his excellent technique, scrupulous musicianship, and beautiful voice, with its powerful and focused top, made him one of the most-demanded stars of his day. Those with a fondness for such comparisons consistently called him ‘the second Caruso’ or ‘the Swedish Caruso’. Some found his rather smooth timbre inexpressive, particularly those used to Gigli's frequent use of sobs and other extra-musical effects, but others found that its directness, combined with his sensitivity to phrasing, made the music all the more expressive. At times he did have a tendency to sing slightly sharp, but to listeners without an acute sense of pitch it was almost undetectable.

- Anne Feeney, allmusic.com