A - Z of Singers, 1902-57   (4-Naxos 8.558097/100)
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A - Z of Singers, 1902-57   (4-Naxos 8.558097/100)
V2465. A - Z of SINGERS, incl. Marian Anderson, Janet Baker, Bastianini, Battistini, Erna Berger, Bergonzi, Björling, Breviario, Callas, Callegari, Caniglia, Carena, Caruso, Chaliapin, Christoff, Cigna, Dal Monte, Danco, Dansereau, Del Monaco, Della Casa, de los Angeles, Di Stefano, Favero, Ferrier, Fischer-Dieskau, Flagstad, Frick, Galli-Curci, Garden, Gigli, Gobbi, Guarrera, Güden, Hayward, Hotter, Jurinac, Klose, Kunz, Lauri-Volpi, Lotte Lehmann, Leider, Christa Ludwig, Martinelli, McCormack, Melba, Melchior, Merli, Merrill, Milanov, Mödl, Nilsson, Olivero, Pagliughi, Pasero, Patzak, Pertile, Pons, Ponselle, Ruggero Raimondi, Rethberg, Robin, Roswaenge, Rysanek, Sayão, Schipa, Schumann, Schwarzkopf, Norman Scott, Seefried, Simionato, Simoneau, Stabile, Stich-Randall, Stignani, Stracciari, Supervia, Tauber, Tebaldi, Tetrazzini, Teyte, Thill, Tibbett, Tucker, Uhde, Varnay, Votipka, Welitsch, Windgassen, etc. (Germany) 4-Naxos 8.558097/100, recorded 1902-57. Transfers by Ward Marston. Includes Elaborate 856pp Book by David Patmore. - 636943809723 9781843790725


“The quality of the transfers is extremely high; many are by Mark Obert-Thorn and Ward Marston, which is recommendation enough. For me, the big attraction of the set is the booklet - though ‘booklet’ hardly does justice to it: it is thicker than the CD box. Its 856 pages provide articles on 300 singers who recorded….The format is essentially the same for each singer: a small photograph, dates and a list of career highlights, a list of selected recordings and a biography with a final paragraph which gives a brief analysis of the career and style. This is a very useful source of basic information and, as far as I have been able to tell from a sampling, commendably accurate.

To review this set fully would require a small book, and would be essentially unnecessary. For anyone who wants on overview of this period, it is self-recommending.”

- Paul Steinson, MusicWebInternational

“With [an 856 page] book detailing the career of 300 singers and the role they played in the history of recording, together with CDs of their opera excerpts of the same outer dimensions as a CD jewel case, the whole has been packaged into a chunky box that will fit neatly into your CD shelving. [This] is the work of David Patmore, a lifelong collector of historic vocal recordings, whose knowledge of those releases is second to none. Maybe that fact has shaped the contents, his choice of the world’s greatest 300 singers containing 263 who are no longer on this earth, with only eight who are still active in the theatre….and I would urge you to buy it as a concise reference book to the recording careers and biographies of the great singers from the 19th and 20th centuries. The excepts on the four discs are well chosen: Caruso, Ponselle, Pertile, Garden, Thill, Stabile, Pagliughi, Bastianini, Björling, Callas, Gobbi, Nilsson, Tebaldi and Welitsch are all there in the sixty-nine tracks lasting almost five and a quarter hours. The release also comes with a special website that is free to purchasers, and contains many further hours of vocal music.”

- David Denton, David’s Review Corner