Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2016 Issue              (VRCS-2016)
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Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2016 Issue              (VRCS-2016)
V2488. VOCAL RECORD COLLECTORS' SOCIETY - 2016 Issue, incl. Jacques Urlus, Germaine Gallois, Franz Birrenkoven, Rosalia Chalia, Ernesto Badini, Rikárd Erdös, Marie Keldorfer, Erik Ole Bye, Friedel (Friedl) Böhm, Emil van Bosch, Emma Scheidl-Hausser, Max Hirzel, Florence Macbeth, Marcelle Denya, José Beckmans, Malcolm McEachern, Margarethe Heyne-Franke, Carolina White, Donald Dickson, Mildred Miller & Mario Binci. VRCS-2016, recorded 1904-54. Transfers by Seth B. Winner.


“The new issue of the VRCS annual CD celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Society and is as full of fascination as ever….Seth Winner’s transfers are superb, ideally balancing the removal of surface noise against the retention of high frequencies. The notes and photographs are of excellent quality, and the discographical information included is a pattern which every historical reissue label should copy….This is another issue which should be in any collector’s library.”

- Paul Steinson, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2017