Georgy Vinogradov;  Puss in Boots (Cui)    (6-Aquarius  AQVR 410)
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Georgy Vinogradov;  Puss in Boots (Cui)    (6-Aquarius  AQVR 410)
V2585. GEÖRGY VINOGRADOV: Songs by Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, Grieg, Dvorak, Wolf, Bizet, etc.; GEÖRGY VINOGRADOV, w.Nina Alexandriyskaya, Maria Shaposhnikova & Andrei Ivanov; Kyril Vinogradov & Georg Orentlicher (Pfs.): Glinka Romances; GEÖRGY VINOGRADOV, w.Andrei Ivanov & Nina Alexandriyskaya; Georg Orentlicher (Pf.) & Alexander Ivanov-Kramskoy (Guitar): Songs by Cui, Gurilev, Dargomyzhsky, Varlamov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Lodyzhensky, Taneyev, Grechaninov, Lermontov & Sokolov; GEÖRGY VINOGRADOV, w.Nina Alexandriyskaya; Georg Orentlicher & Kyril Vinogradov (Pfs.); Songs by Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Grieg, Dvorak, Wolf & Bizet; GEÖRGY VINOGRADOV, w.Georg Orentlicher & Kyril Vinogradov (Pfs.); Songs by Matveev, Kochurov & Yshaporin; Leonid Yuriev Cond. Ensemble of soloists of the USSR's State Orchestra; Konstantin Vinogradov Cond. The Red Banner Ensemble choir and orchestra. All recorded 1943-53, many not previously released in any format and published here for the first time; PUSS IN BOOTS (opera-fairytale) (César Cui), recorded 1948, w. Leonid Pyatigorsky Cond. Pavel Pontryagin, Georgy Vinogradov, Alexei Usmanov, Daniil Demyanov, Georgy Abramov, Zoya Muratova & Konstantin Polyaev. (Russia) 6-Aquarius AQVR 410, in Elaborate Boxed Set. - 4607123631935


"…judged solely from his recorded legacy, [Vinogradov] deserves to be at least as well known and highly regarded as his more famous colleagues, Sergei Lemeshev and Ivan Kozlovsky…Certainly the voice and artistry can stand comparison with such tenors as Schipa, Simoneau, Valletti, and the young Vanzo, making his neglect even more extraordinary….for the true genius of this singer it is necessary to hear the operatic arias and Russian art songs. Few tenors have sung Lensky’s final aria with such beauty of tone, tenderness, and real poetry."

- Vivian A. Liff, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, Sept./Oct. 2004

“PUSS IN BOOTS is a short opera-fairytale for children in three acts, four tableaux, composed by César Cui in 1913. The libretto was written by Marina Stanislavovna Pol'. It was premiered in Rome in 1915 under the title IL GATTO CON GLI STIVALI. A Soviet edition of the opera, with a revised libretto, was published in 1961. By the 1970s this opera seems to have become popular in what was then East Germany as DER GESTIEFELTE KATER. It should be noted that César Cui is the only composer of his generation who created pieces for children. PUSS IN BOOTS was created by him in 1912.”

- Wikipedia