Ninon Vallin, Vol. IX;   Liliane Guiraud-Celerier (Pf.)    (St Laurent Studio YSL T-778)
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Ninon Vallin, Vol. IX;   Liliane Guiraud-Celerier (Pf.)    (St Laurent Studio YSL T-778)
V2606. NINON VALLIN, w.Liliane Guiraud-Celleier (Pf.): Songs by Schubert, Schumann, Strauss, Rachmaninoff, Tschaikowsky, Obradors, Nin, Buchardo, Pedrell, Fauré, Chabrier, Hahn, Debussy & Berlioz. (Canada) St Laurent Studio YSL T-778, recorded 1952, Orphée LDO-B 21.025, Radio-Télévision française (including several songs which had not been issued on the original LP), several times featuring Vallin's spoken introductions. [It is extraordinary that these recordings were made at Vallin's age of 66! Quite naturally, the 'juice' is drained from her beautiful voice, but her innate artistry remains intact.] Transfers by Yves St Laurent.


"During the period between the two world wars, Ninon Vallin was unrivaled as the leading lyric soprano in France. Very good technically, she had an admirable art of singing with a style full of inflexion and modulation and was adept at colouring her voice. That voice had a compass of an easy two octaves of the lyric soprano, with free and natural emission, excellent breath control and a very beautiful timbre….Hers was a perfect legato and she was a mistress of portamento. Her voice remained in good condition for a very long time because of her intelligence never to sing out of character, nor out of her natural range.”

- Alfred de Cock, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2003

“Ninon Vallin's idiomatic and 'typically French' approach to Gallic Opera roles and ‘Mélodies’ made Vallin a sensation in her native land. Her recordings were so popular that in the late 1920s the Pathé company issued them with her picture on the label, set in a handsome 'modernist' design. These records are highly popular with collectors, especially as the discs where she performed songs of Reynaldo Hahn and Joaquin Nín featured piano accompaniments played by the composers themselves. If your taste runs to the 'manière française', then you can hardly go wrong with the extensive recorded legacy of Ninon Vallin."

- Uncle Dave Lewis,