Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2018 Issue   (VRCS-2018)
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Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2018 Issue   (VRCS-2018)
V2623. VOCAL RECORD COLLECTORS' SOCIETY - 2018 Issue: Tiit Kuusik, Joachim Tartakov, Hipolito Lazaro & Riccardo Stracciari, Louis Orliac, Miguel Villabella, Charles Rousseliere, Graziella Valle, Linda Cannetti, Giuseppe Danise, Irene Eden, Constance Drever, Frances Alda, Maria Brian, Leon Rains, Karl Jorn, Thomas Burke, Jeanne Gordon, Hulda Lashanska, Hans Reinmar, Elisabeth Grummer & Eileen Farrell. VRCS-2018, recorded 1901-56. Transfers by Seth B. Winner.

1. CHARLES ROUSSELIÈRE, Tenor: HERCULANUM: “L’Estase - je veux aimer toujours” 2. MARIA BRIAN, Soprano: Rimsky-Korsakoff - “Oh, If you would for a moment” 3. LÉON RAINS, Bass: Nicolai - DIE LUSTIGEN WEIBER VON WINDSOR - “Als Büblein klein an der Mutter Brust” 4. CONSTANCE DREVER, Soprano: TOM JONES: "Which is my own true self?” 5. KARL JÖRN, Tenor: Herman - “Salomo”, Op. 23, #1 6. LINDA CANNETTI, Soprano: IRIS: Act 2 - “Io pingo” 7. JOACHIM V. TARTAKOV, Baritone: Tchaikovsky - “Disenchantment,” Op. 65, #2 8. HIPÓLITO LÁZARO & RICCARDO STRACCIARI: FORZA: “Solenne in quest'ora” 9. IRENE EDEN, Soprano: Alabieff - “The Nightingale” 10. GIUSEPPE DANISE, Baritone: Mozart - DON GIOVANNI - "Deh, vieni alla finestra" 11. FRANCES ALDA, Soprano: L'AMICO FRITZ: Act 1 - “Son pochi fiori” 12. FRANCES ALDA, Soprano: L'AMICO FRITZ: Act 3 - “Non mi resta che il pianto” 13. THOMAS BURKE, Tenor: Puccini - TOSCA: Act 1 - “Recondita armonia” 14. JEANNE GORDON, Contralto: A. Gordon Thomas - “Summer Night” 15. MIGUEL VILLABELLA, Tenor: Klingsor / Almaby - “Paysage d’or” 16. HULDA LASHANSKA, Soprano: Tchaikovsky - “None But the Lonely Heart,” Op. 6, #6 17. LOUIS ORLIAC, Tenor: LA JUIVE: “Dieu, que ma voix tremblante” 18. GRAZIELLA VALLE, Soprano: Zandonai - 6 Melodie, #4: “La Serenata” 19. HANS REINMAR, Baritone: Mussorgsky - "The Song of the Flea" 20. ELISABETH GRÜMMER, Soprano: Schubert - “Ave Maria,” D. 839 21. TIIT KUUSIK, Bass-Baritone: Schubert – Schwanengesang - “Aufenthalt,” D.957, No. 5 22. EILEEN FARRELL, Soprano: MESSIAH - “Come Unto Him” 23. EILEEN FARRELL, Soprano: Rossini - Stabat Mater - “Inflammatus”

VRCS-2018, recorded 1901-56. Transfers by Seth B. Winner.


“And so we come to this latest release from the Vocal Record Collectors' Society. It contains precisely the kind of rarified content in one respect or another that collectors of historical singers of opera and song have spent hours delighting - and not just ourselves, but others who have fallen into our clutches….

This disc presents the same kind of experience one would expect upon visiting a knowledgeable collector who, by chance, is also an expert digital editor. Add in biographies of the singers and record information (dates, side length, matrix and catalog numbers, etc), and you have all the makings of a fine collectors' get together….

Seth Winner does a superior job with the digital transfers. If you aren't aware of the VRCS's annual series but enjoy sampling the rarer side of vintage operatic and song transfers from extensive collections, you should seriously consider this, their 2018 release (the latest from them, by the way), for purchase from Norbeck, Peters & Ford (www.norpete.com).”

- Barry Brenesal, FANFARE

“It’s hard to believe that I’ve been a member in good standing with the VRCS since 1982; it was during that year that D. William Violi, fondly known as ‘Bill’, approached me to remaster the ‘Christmas Issue’, as it was known at that time. He had heard my work at a number of VRCS presentations that I prepared for another long time member, Philip H. Stern. I was really taken aback with the confidence Bill had in me; he in fact then commissioned me to create master tapes for the last of his OASI issues that continued into the late 1980s. When Bill passed away quite suddenly in January of 1989 ‘The Club’, as we had come to call it, was going to be set adrift since Bill was the fountainhead concerning the production matters for our Christmas Issues, which were an annual occurrence that usually arrived late thanks to his usual ‘efficiency’. (I know our President and a few of the other senior members are chuckling right now.) That responsibility fell onto my shoulders, and believe me, it was no simple task. Fortunately, Ed Wolfe, our longtime treasurer was able to pull the invoices and bills that Bill submitted to him concerning the costs for each stage of production, which included lacquer disc cutting, pressing, printing, assembling and shipping. This made my responsibility daunting at first, but it was a start. As the years went by I was able to improve the presentation of the yearly LPs, and starting in 1993, the issues were converted to the CD format, which is still the same today. In that time period I think I had a pretty good track record, pardon the pun, concerning delivering the Annual Issues on time.

And this is why this footnote is present. You may have noticed that the 2017 Issue was not published until the end of 2018, and this issue is finally coming out in early 2020. Some of you may know that I’m involved with a number of organizations that deal with audio preservation, as a result of being a sound preservation engineer for over 30 years at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. In May of 2017, ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collections) had its annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. I attended the conference since I’m a member of their Technical Committee. Upon my return from that sojourn, I came back with a rather mysterious illness. It took a full 5 months of rest at home until I could finally resume some sort of normal activity. It took a bit of time to get all my affairs back in order, and as a result, the CD that should have been issued at that time did not see the light of day until nearly two years later.

Fortunately, this issue is only a little more than a year late. The 2019 Annual Issue will be worked upon shortly, and issued within a few months. Believe it or not, I may have the 2020 issue on time! This could be the first time that The Club will have issued three issues in one year!”

- Seth B. Winner, Engineer of the Vocal Record Collectors’ Society Annual Issues since 1989