Kurt Widmer;  Jean-Jacques Dunki - Zemlinsky    (Jecklin 594)
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Kurt Widmer;  Jean-Jacques Dunki - Zemlinsky    (Jecklin 594)
V2652. KURT WIDMER, w.Jean-Jacques Dünki (Pf.): Various Lieder; JEAN-JACQUES DÜNKI (Pf.): Zemlinsky Piano Repertoire (all Zemlinsky). (Switzerland) Jecklin 594, recorded 1985. Very long out-of-print, Final Copy!


"The Swiss baritone, Kurt Widmer, visited the teacher seminar in Rorschach and spent six years in Zürich. He studied violin playing and singing (with Ria Ginster) at the Conservatory of Zürich, then with Paul Lohmann and Franziska Martienssen Lohmann in Luzern and Wiesbaden and with Burga Schwarzbach in Vienna. In 1967 he won the Soloist Prize of the Schweizerischen Tonkünstlervereins (The Swiss Composers’ Association).

Since 1966 Kurt Widmer has appeared as a concert singer in Switzerland, then also on international level, to a great career. He has sung at concerts throughout Europe, Israel, the USA, Canada, Russia and Japan under prominent conductors (Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, Michael Gielen, Paul Sacher, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Horst Stein, Jesús López-Cobos). He participated at the Festival Weeks of Montreux and at the English Bach Festival in London, at the Festival Weeks of Luzern, at the Israel Festival, at the Schwetzinger Festival, at Brighton Festival and at the Festival of Strasbourg. He could be heard in Switzerland (Basel, Berne, Zürich, Geneva, Lugano, Lausanne) and in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt a.M., Hamburg, Köln, Munich, Stuttgart), in Vienna and Graz, in Milan, Rome, Turin, Triest and Naples, in Paris, Brussels and Lüttich, in Amsterdam, London and Rotterdam, in Dresden, Leipzig and Bratislava, in Madrid, Valencia and Lisbon, at the Salzburg Festival (1978 in a Mozart concert) and at the Cleveland Festival, in Budapest, at the Festival of Wroclaw (Breslau) and with at the German Bach Festival in Mainz. Other festivals in which he has participated are: Zurich, Donaueschingen, Ludwigsburg, Breslau, Turin, and Vienna.

Kurt Widmer’s repertoire in the areas of the oratorios and the sacred vocal music had a nearly inexhaustible extent and contained works of J.S. Bach, George Frideric Handel and masters Baroque epoch up to contemporary compositions. He created several vocal works of modern composers such as R. Kelterborn, Armin Schibler, H. Sutermeister and Klaus Huber. So far, he has sung in more than 100 premieres. From the very start until today, his primary interest has been Lieder. In this area he performed the Lieder of the Swiss composer Othmar Schoeck, as well as Lieder of Schubert, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Mussorgsky, R. Strauss, Arthur Honegger and Benjamin Britten. On the stage he appeared only occasionally, sang however roles in concertante and radio performances of operas.”

- Bach Cantatas Website

"Jean-Jacques Dünki studied piano in Basel, Berlin, Paris, Baltimore, New York and London. In 1981 he was Schönberg Prize Winner in Rotterdam. He is touring world-wide as a concert pianist; until 2012, he was a professor of piano at the Music Academy of Basel. His recordings include music from Reger, Zemlinsky, Webern and Berg. Jean-Jacques Dünki is a member of the new music ensemble 'opera nova' in Zürich. As a composer, he is self-taught; his works are now being increasingly performed. He published books and articles chiefly on the interpretation of Schönberg's and Schumann's piano music."