Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2021 Issue   (VRCS-2021)
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Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2021 Issue   (VRCS-2021)
V2663.Vocal Record Collectors' Society - 2021 Issue, incl. Esperanza Clasenti, Jose Soler, Luisa Ardizzoni-Tosi, Aristodemo Giorgini, Nini Frascani, Tina Poli-Randaccio, Giovanni Inghilleri, Antonio Gelli, Loretta Di Lelio, Elisa Petri, Mathilde Saiman, Berthe Cesar, Yvonne Brothier, Maurice Sauvageot, Guy Cazenave, Maria Janowska, Oskar Kamionsky, Kerstin Thorborg, Louis Dornay (Louis Goldsteen), Jozef Sterkens, August Bockmann & Edwin Steffe . VRCS-2021. Transfers by Seth B. Winner.


"The presentation [of the VRCS 2021 Issue] is of the usual superlative quality. Russ Hornbeck’s notes are as breath-taking in the quality of their research as always; I simply don’t know how he manages to find out so much information about such obscure and widely differing singers. Seth Winner’s transfers are also on a par with the best available anywhere; every track is a pleasure to listen to.”

- Paul Steinson, THE RECORD COLLECTOR, 2022