Yolanda Marculescu     (Gasparo GSCD 287)
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Yolanda Marculescu     (Gasparo GSCD 287)
V2676. YOLANDA MARCULESCU, w.Katja Phillabaum (Pf.): Art Songs by American Composers. Gasparo GSCD 287, recorded 1990. [A fabulous program, intimately presented by an excellent soprano with an easy, free high register] Long out-of-print, Final Sealed Copy!


"Marculescu gloriously carries on in the tradition of Teyte and Tourel."


“Iolanda Mărculescu, Soprano with the Romanian National Opera in Bucharest from 1948 to 1968 appearing in more than 1500 performances. In addition to performance, she taught voice at the Bucharest Music Academy from 1962 to 1968.

Shortly after Nicolae Ceaușescu assumed control of the State Council in December 1967, Mărculescu and her husband Sandu Stern began making plans to leave. It took from March to August 1968 to obtain the tourists visas from Romania, but they were unable to secure permission for Mărculescu's mother. The couple fled with her husband's mother to Austria and their defection branded them as enemies of the state. Convicted of treason, they were sentenced to twenty years in prison should they return, forcing friends and relatives to distance themselves or face persecution. Her records and television recordings were destroyed, though a few managed to survive. When they left, she had just recorded an album containing arias of Bizet, Gounod, Mozart and Rossini. She was surprised that it was pressed, but received copies of it from friends, though it was banned on the radio. With the assistance of the Viennese branch of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee they relocated to the United States, in October 1968, first settling in Chicago, where Marculescu taught at Roosevelt University.

In 1969, Sandu was hired by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and the couple moved to Wisconsin. Marculescu found a teaching position that same year at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. She began as an associate professor and taught French and German repertory. She also directed the Opera Theater of the School of Fine Arts. In 1981, Marculescu founded the International Festival of the Art Song, which was held biennially until her death in Milwaukee in 1992. The festival was designed to teach art song to students and the public by bringing European artists to perform and conduct master classes.”

- Wikipedia