Marina Karpechenko (Soprano), w. Daniil Kopylov (Pf.):   Motetten zur Weihnachtszeit  (Hindemith)  (2-AQVR 419)
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Marina Karpechenko (Soprano), w. Daniil Kopylov (Pf.):   Motetten zur Weihnachtszeit  (Hindemith)  (2-AQVR 419)
V2689. MARINA KARPECHENKO (Soprano), w.Daniil Kopylov (Pf.): Motetten zur Weihnachtszeit (Christmas Motets); 4 Songs based on texts by Angelus Silesius (all Hindemith). (Russia) 2-AQVR 419, recorded 2011. 4607123632253


“Currently, Marina Karpechenko has been associated with the Helikon Opera, a Russian opera company based in Moscow, specializing in unconventional productions. Their main performing base is the 250 seat Mayakovsky Theater, the former ballroom in the palace of the Shakhovskoi-Glebov-Streshneva family who were patrons of the arts in 19th century Moscow. Of note:The company was founded by Dmitry Bertman and gave its first performance, Stravinsky's MAVRA, on April 10, 1990.”

- Wikipdeia

"This is a great rarity and it took me a long time to find any performers who did even some of them. Very few of them have been publicly performed as Hindemith wrote them as gifts for his wife, 13 in all. It is not easy listening as the composer was reaching the outer limits of his approach to tonality. After all, it is an enormous feat to learn 13 very difficult songs in this idiom.”

- James d'Angelo

“Daniil Kopylov was born 1970 in Moscow. He studied from 1988 to 1993 under Lev Naumov at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and was an assistant to Naumov. He distinguished himself as a semi-finalist at the Queen Sonja International Piano Competition in Oslo, 1992. He finished third in the competitions of the Prague Spring International Music Competition 1992, in Monza 1994 and in Terni 1994. He was a finalist in the Queen Elisabeth Competition 1995 and the Clara Haskil-Concours 1997 in Vevey. Daniil Kopylov performed with the orchestras of Liège, Iasi, Kharkov, the Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra and the Borodin Ensemble as well as the chamber orchestras of Lausanne and Umbria. He has given recitals in Europe and Asia. Kopylov is professor at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and teaches many national and international master classes.”

- Queen Elizabeth Competition