From Melba to Sutherland - Australian Singers on Record   (4-Decca Eloquence 482 5892)
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From Melba to Sutherland - Australian Singers on Record   (4-Decca Eloquence 482 5892)
V2829. FROM MELBA TO SUTHERLAND - 80 Australian Singers on Record. (Australia) 4-Decca Eloquence 482 5892, recorded 1902-2008, accompanied by an elaborate 66pp. Brochure w.discographical data and photos. [Brilliant transfers of some truly beguiling records. Noteworthy are a fine tenor, Alfred O'Shea, a wonderful soprano, Gladys Moncrieff, and especially the inimitable Malcolm McEachern. The latter's 'Is 'e an Aussie, Lizzie, is 'e?' (as Flotsam and Jetsam, of course) is a treasure!] - 0028948258925


“A remarkable CD set … I never realised that so many great singers were Australian….The transfers are superb….A plethora of rarities….An absolute ‘must-have’ for anyone even remotely interested in the history of opera on record.”


“A cornucopia of Australian singers….One thing is blazingly clear….and that is the unrestrained emotional commitment displayed….allied to strong technique and frequently immaculate musical manners….The set will trigger wonder and a desire for considerable further investigation….Decca Eloquence and Messrs Neill and Locantro are to be strongly congratulated.”


“A very enterprising and well-constructed anthology….I must confess that quite a high proportion of the names here are completely new to me….There is much enjoyment to be had from this set.”

- Paul Steinson, MusicwebInternational