Beloved Songs of Yesteryear played on the A. B. Chase Grand Piano   (Musical Wonder House of Wiscasset, Maine)
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Beloved Songs of Yesteryear played on the A. B. Chase Grand Piano   (Musical Wonder House of Wiscasset, Maine)
W0048. BELOVED SONGS OF YESTERYEAR played on the A. B. Chase Grand Piano, the 'Steinway of the Midwest', built in 1912 in Norwalk, Ohio, and one of only a few surviving examples of this magnificent type of player piano; expertly restored by Tim Westman of New Hampshire. [A delightful nostalgic voyage down Memory Lane! This long out-of-print CD is now available in a limited number of sealed copies which have just been discovered from the now defunct Musical Wonder House of Wiscasset, Maine.] Privately produced by The Musical Wonder House of Wiscasset, Maine. Sealed.


“The A. B. Chase Piano Company was established by Allen B. Chase in 1875. The original factory was located at 16 West Main Street, Norwalk, Ohio. The firm was quite successful and expanded operations to New York City in the early 20th Century. A. B. Chase built both pianos and organs in the last quarter of the 19th Century, discontinuing their organs by about 1900. A. B. Chase offered a large selection upright pianos, grand pianos and player pianos and their instruments were known to be of superior quality. A. B. Chase truly built some incredible pianos, and their instruments are considered very desirable by musicians and piano technicians alike.

The firm was absorbed into the United Piano Corporation in the 1920s, then went through several changes in ownership. In later years, A.B. Chase was absorbed into the large Aeolian Corporation, and Aeolian continued to build instruments under the A. B Chase name until going out of business in 1985. The A. B. Chase brand has again been acquired by a contemporary company in Illinois with plans to begin manufacturing this illustrious old name again.”

- Antique Piano Shop

“The Musical Wonder House, a museum of automated mechanical musical instruments, featured a vast collection of music boxes and was more than a museum. It was a business that restored, bought, and sold antique music boxes, player pianos, and talking machines. The gift shop offered recordings of several of the melodies played on the tour [the above included].”

- Ellen Albanese, BOSTON GLOBE, 24 Oct., 2004

“The Musical Wonder House was, at one time, a gem of Wiscasset. Opened by Danilo Konvalinka, Lois Ernst Konvalinka, and Douglas Henderson in 1963, the business achieved international acclaim for its collection of antique music boxes and instruments that filled the 32 room mansion on High Street, Wiscasset. After the death of Danilo Konvalinka in 2014, the collection was sold off and the house was abandoned.”

- The Lincoln County News, 30 Nov., 2014